Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I reminisce one morning receiving a piece of news that my group of my friends intend  to nordic walk in the Swiss Alps if we so desired to fulfil one of our immediate dreams.

Today, it's close to a year since we nordic walked in the Swiss Alps in the Bernese Oberland covering several beautiful places like Grindelwald, Wengen, First, Lauterbrunnen, Jungfraujoch, Schilthorn, Murren and Interlaken.

My buddies and I had a fantastic and awesome time in the spectacular Swiss mountains in early autumn Sept 2013. What an exciting and memorable nordic walking holiday we have had.  Words cannot describe our exhilarating experience.
I am glad when all this fun and adventure was behind us, I could reminisce about it and maybe revel in all the good times I had had with my buddies, an out-of-world experience nordic walking amidst glacial fields and visited Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe.

Had an early morning walk at the Kensington gardens a day before we flew to Zurich.

With a pair of good and suitable shoes, we could walked on any terrain.

Walked the 'golden fields' at Kensington Gardens with Martin Christie, the Chief instructor from NWUK who gave us a fast track course.

At Interlaken main square and on a clear day, the majestic Jungfrau would be one of the most distinctive sights of the Swiss Alps.

Interlaken, a pretty chic city but the main attractions are the Alpine mountain villages.

A boat ride on Lake Brienz with lovely panoramic view of lakes and mountains and the idyllic little town of Brienz was a sight to behold.

The beauty of this area is magical, the exquisitely turquoise waters, the surrounding mountains, forested hills, craggy cliffs and waterfalls were simply breathtaking.  I stood in awe of the stunning scenes all around.

Awe-inspiring  scenery!

At the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum in Brienz.

A visit into days gone by. An original century-old Swiss house.

The open air museum is extensive and took us  4 - 5 hours to walk around the paths and learned how people used to live and work in earlier times.

Happy moments

Stopped for a breather after the extensive walk .

The little mountain villages of Grindelwald, Wengen, Murren  are all very scenic. In a small area, you'll find a very diversified landscape with lakes, snow capped mountains, rolling green hills, cogwheel trains, hiking trails and much much more.

Many places can be visited easily. There are trains, cable cars, gondolas and cogwheel trains ready to take you up in the Alpine scenery.

Exploring the mountain villages on foot is a must, we had the advantage of our nordic poles and walked the many trails, moderate and easy ones.

The walk to Lake Bachalpsee at Grindelwald First is beautiful and certainly a worthwhile hike though weather was rather chilly. A well maintained path lead us through lush green Alpine meadows and cowbells ringing were heard somewhere on the green pastures.

At the start of the walk a short but considerable climb must be tackled. Generally moderate trails to Lake Bachalpsee.

I have a liking for small mountain lakes.  Due to foggy weather the view of the valley on the opposite side was only a blanket of fog.

Weather was not that kind to us, could not enjoy the stunning epic panorama .

These nordic poles took me to far flung exotic places.  I travelled with them even on a cruise boat where I had the opportunity to nordic walk on water, 360 degrees on the wraparound teak promenade deck.  These poles are important to me ever since I learnt nordic walking.

This is designation Lake Bachalpsee, it offered what our heart desired, a sense of fulfillment.

At Jungfraujoch - Top Of Europe

Having a great time at Jungfrau. Enjoyed the awe-inspiring mountain panorama with white & puffy clouds against blue skies.

 The walking trail from Grutschalp to Winteregg is made to take one past stunning sceneries, don't miss it!  It took us up into the hills with breathtaking views.
We were the first four nordic walkers from Malaysia to hike across in this spectacular region of the Bernese Oberland Switzerland.

Every direction offered a picturesque scene. Could not helped snapping pictures and more pictures .

We had such a wonderful trip so many wonderful memories to share.

You'd have to experience it to understand how amazing it was to walk this region of the Alpine Alps.

Nice to have a chat with the simple village folks.

Explored Murren to admire the old traditional wooden chalets beautifully decorated with flowers, a small street but extremely picturesque.

At the summit of Piz Gloria, Schilthorn, Switzerland. 

Action please, cut!! 
Many scenes were filmed at Piz Gloria for the 1969 James Bond 007 film, ' On Her Majesty's Secret Service'.

Lauterbrunnen is a must visit, an incredibly beautiful mountain village.

    Lauterbrunnen is utterly stunning, a tiny unspoilt village nestled between the towering walls of a 
    sheer sided valley.

I felt overwhelmed by the snowcapped mountain, the trees, the pastures and the serenity of this valley.

At Gletscherschlucht to visit the glacier gorge.

This gorge with meltwater tumbling towards the valley.

Such a tranquil location to enjoy the great outdoors. Walked along side a river
to Grund railway station.

A perfect place to walk without a single traffic. 

The destination of this trip was not simply the only attraction because most of the fun was provided by the trip itself, that was done by means of nordic walking, a boat ride, bus ride and a little steam train that climbed the mountains.

Jumped for joy..... A little playful aren't we?

Facing challenge -   In meeting this challenge, we became our own witnesses to our ability to go  where we haven't gone before, did what we've never done before.   It was strictly our determination that we nordic walked for the first time in the Alpine Swiss Alps.

Nordic walking is a unique form of exercise in that it provides benefits for everyone.  It is suitable, effective and enjoyable. It can be done anywhere.  It's portable and the poles can be brought along on holiday or even used as a way to travel.
Our adventure walk in the Swiss Alps was a 'green activity', we walked while being exposed to or connecting with nature.  This has a very powerful effect. To be in touch with nature makes us feel more relaxed and 'alive'.