Thursday, 4 June 2015


Woke up this morning with the sunlight flooding through my window!
There goes the sound of 'ping ping', my Viber ringing from chat group ' NZ & Everything Under the sun'
I chatted for a while, topic was 'how to compost'

Diligently rolled down my mat, it's my yoga time.....
A few repetitions of sun salutation, forward bend, Warrior poses, Cat's crawl followed by other poses but each time trying to recall what my yoga guru had drilled me all the time back home.  I need to focus to remember.  Oh yes, it's my warrior III,  a strong and active pose that helps to strengthen the ankles and legs, tones the muscles of the abdomen and a stretch through the chest, shoulders and hamstrings. Balancing is the key!

Next change........ here comes  my daily juicing!

The weather is really kind today,  a warm and sunny day.  I decided to go red with my juice, the order for the day!
Eating red veggies and fruits help.  They are loaded with powerful  healthy antioxidants.

Checked my produce in the fridge,  delighted to see the lovely tomatoes, beetroot, carrots, strawberries, celery, red grapefruit, strawberries and a little piece of ginger. This is it, my recipe for the day.

What a lovely colour !   What shall I do with the pulp,  they are still wet?
I know I can compost them by burying into the soil or pot, but no I am into urban gardening .
Space is the constraint!
More ideas came to me from friends,  to make vegetable soup base or  make muffins!
To throw them is without doubt a waste!

While juicing, I tried to create an artsy combination of colours...time to commence creating.

My creative juice is flowing......!  Bring out the paints and brushes!


Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Martin Christie from "Nordic Walking United Kingdom(NWUK) was previously our instructor who gave us a crash course on the techniques of nordic walking prior to our exhilarating walk in the Swiss Alps.

Martin is one of the top instructor trainer for NWUK

This time around I was invited by him to walk in Hampstead Heath, one of London's best loved green spaces.
That was a delightful surprise, thank you.

For a variety of terrain and environment different from  my usual walking in the manicured gardens and pristine flower beds of Kensington and the other Royal Parks of London, I accepted the offer to explore the Hampstead Heath, one of the wildest of London's parks and to get a good overview of London from its highest point.

 Woohoo...  an  excited me awaited to explore this magnificent open spaces of the Heath combined with some historical buildings, vibrant restaurants and cafe scene in the village. Don't forget there's the London's best crepes at La Crepe de Hampstead at the high street. Oh yes, remember to try the little family- run Japanese restaurant, "Jin Kichi", worth dropping by.

Between Hampstead Village and Highgate in North West London lies the Heath, a stunning acres of woodlands, playing fields, ponds and meadows. The beautiful expanse of green areas in the Heath  pulls crowds from across London when the weather turns out to be good.

This is the Monday group nordic walkers, a mixed group for sociable walks to technique refreshes to workout walks.

None of them are beginners, all are like yours truly here, a confirmed enthusiast, having walked for at least 2 years.

The northern slopes of  Parliament Hill not only offer a pleasing view but a fabulous terrain for walkers,  the slopes can be challenging for some walkers.

There's the lush green canopy of trees below.
Here we see the foothills of Parliament Hill looking across one of the Highgate ponds on the slopes beyond.
For downhill walking, speed need to be reduced,  it is natural to lean back a little, bend the knees and the poles are used more for stability than forward propulsion.

 Walking uphill, leaning slightly forward and normally you could feel the extra thrust of the poles in front. 
Martin, giving a few pointers, to maintain our walking pace as we walked uphill, to control our breathing and to take slow deep breaths.

Walkers weaved among the shaded woodlands.....

and the wind swept green meadows.

What an awesome park,  truly a natural gym and a breath of fresh air.

The beech trees do look absolutely stunning in spring.

Along the edges of the Heath are a number of attractions which attempted to lure me away.
Felt like roaming longer in the wild and woody walks in the Heath.  Will do that when I'm here next.

I like walking with this group of ladies, they moved at a relatively fast pace which resulted in a good workout of almost an hour of non stop propelling those poles.

Nordic walking gives so much more than just a normal brisk walk,  you'll discover how it is far more than  'walking with poles'.
With the right technique,  you'll be surprised how light it can make you feel and how you will walk faster and further than you ever thought without undue strain on your body despite working on most of your muscles.

The Heath is marvellous in spring, has lush green fields to run in, long grass to roll in

woods to hide in...

and fields strewn with small tiny flowers...

the place to get back to nature.

Walking on flatland one has to keep the same upright posture.

 What haunts me most in Hampstead is the Heath,  its open grassland, woodland, scrub and open water.  Whenever the weather is good, the Heath attracts lots of Londoners to enjoy the park's unkempt charms.

Would it not be wonderful to do a bench meditation here?

Walking up to one of the highest point in London.
As if in a dream, where the blue sky and green fields meet.

The famous spot on the Heath is the Parliament Hill where it commands a panoramic view, one of London's best lookout.
The view takes in the skyline with the Thames River, St Paul's Cathedral, the Gherkin, the Shard all visible on a clear day.
To stretch before and after walk.  There's the quad/ hamstring stretch, chest/upper stretch , back/arm stretch and lateral stretch.

Had a fantastic walk to boost my fitness, to enjoy the awesome outdoors and a great opportunity to socialise and be part of  this class for my technique refreshes with Martin, a UK expert.
Met new friends....

Walking in a group makes you keep your pace up.
We walked to prove that exercise can be rewarding and fun.
Look at all the happy faces!